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Yoga and the Menstrual period


Most of us learned to use the word “cycle” to set the monthly bleeding. In fact recycling is a permanent condition in women. Cycle “is the month, because by its very nature is affected woman all her life cycles: menstrual cycle, pregnancy and childbirth, menopause and other cyclical changes possible. The menstrual cycle is a normal part of any woman life . Its is the days when the body directs its energy down to earth. Separate body tissue intended to enter important new life in him. By the way, stopping the period is a huge mistake, one that can significantly endanger woman health.

Menstrual days are days of grace. Days of listening, observing and gathering. These days when a woman’s intuition at its best. When not give it expression as a result of constant dynamic lifestyle, these days become movable. The body needs rest, relaxation and meditation, but the woman fulfilling all duties faithfully and cultural lectures boss, husband and children, then her screams: migraines, abdominal cramps, and neutralizing, irritability and severe mood swings, a strong desire for sweets and more. If the woman continues to mature, the body make it worse to much more serious problems.
Many cultures a woman’s menstrual cycle is perceived as sacred. During each menstrual cycle starts, the days of menstruation are the days of gathering in contemplation, a kind of soul-searching, good days modulate the activity to lower the gear, the days when fsh (follicle stimulating hormone secreted by the pituitary) starts up to ovulation. Once menstruation begins to rise in estrogen secreted by the ovaries. Estrogen prepares the body for the reception of pregnancy by thickening of the uterine lining and the development of milk ducts in the breast, the body prepares itself to creation of new life. Currently in the egg follicle in the ovary ripens and Cshzkik large egg and bursts out of the ovary, ovulation this moment. Ovum is drawn by and travels along the fallopian tube until it reaches the uterus. Estrogen increases sharpness and memory, increases sexual desire, increases cognitive abilities, develops the senses, softens the skin, strengthens bones and an antidepressant. Estrogen will culminate Pregnancy. In case and no pregnant woman undergoes during ovulation is the second half of the menstrual cycle.

LH secreted by the pituitary makes the follicle from which the egg broke corpus luteum, corpus luteum which pays ovarian progesterone which enters the lining of the uterus toward the desired pregnancy hormone is also responsible that the body does not reject the Pregnancy. These weeks regulate ovulation until the time when it begins a gradual and gentle gathering in .

Sandor Ramta, founder discourage Shadow Yoga School, argues that radical processes many women experience menopause arise from the weakness of the bone texture and body. Some standing poses and discourage Shadow’s first series of yoga (balakrama-stepping into strength) greatly strengthen the structure, volume and stability of the skeletal frame and support in preventing symptoms that many women experience menopause.

BKS Iyengar reveals unbalanced physical practice during menstruation increases the odds of severe symptoms at age 12 postures. These recommendations only poses that are designed for menstruation.

Yoga and the menstrual cycle: just before menstruation, estrogen increases and activists who want to be feeling like you can do anything; But the next four days the estrogen level of spinach. So it is better to keep the energy level during the period. If you maintain energy during the cycle and after the cycle used, the practice deepens and improves. Menstruating low estrogen level, and slowly begins to rise during Hmhazor- towards the second part. Estrogen causes the body to become active, keeps the mind fresh and helps overcome fatigue.



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