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The truth about diet pills


Ace diet pills are among the most popular weight loss supplements for women. Most weight loss supplements works by suppressing appetite and boosting fat metabolism.

Ideal diet pills should be able to curb your cravings. This in turn helps to reduce your calorie intake. Extensive research has been done on weight loss supplements. These studies have found that the mechanisms of action of these supplements are similar.

Following proper prescription and avoiding cravings produce positive results within the first two weeks of using these supplements. Proper dieting and physical exercise also helps to boost the effect of these diet pills.

Why ACE Diet Supplements Are Popular in Weight Loss

Most women prefer using these pills because of their effectiveness. They have a unique capability of boosting the energy levels and suppressing appetite at the same time. This will help you to maintain sufficient and steady energy throughout the day. This will also help you to comply with the prescription for a long period of time. You will not also experience cases of fatigue or weakness.

There is only a slight visual difference between the old and the new pills. The first ingredient in the new brand is green tea. The first ingredient in the old brand is coco powder. The sample pack of the old brand is grey in color. The sample pack in the new one is beige in color and is clear at the back.

The abbreviation ACE stands for A-Appetite, C-control and E for enhancing basal energy levels.

Main active Ingredients of ACE Tablets

(a) Caffeine-This ingredient is very essential in boosting alertness, moods and concentration. It is usually a natural BIO that increase energy levels and boosts metabolism.

(b) Geranium flower-It is a very effective CNS stimulant. It is known to improve body performance and clarity.

(c) Green tea extracts-It is a very essential antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body. It is also very effective in boosting fat metabolism in the body.

(d) Coco powder-This is a natural source of caffeine. It helps to suppress appetite and improve the mood. It is also a very effective anti-oxidant.

(e) Spirulina-It is rich in vitamin B12 and it therefore effective in increasing the energy levels in the body. It is very effective in reducing and controlling appetite.

(f) Chromium-It is very effective in stabilizing blood cholesterol levels. It has the biological effect of controlling insulin levels in the blood. This increases lean muscle mass and decreases accumulation of body fats.

(g) Vitamin B6-The cardinal role of this vitamin is to boost at least sixty enzymes present in the human body. It is also very effective in promoting breakdown of carbohydrates. This produces extra energy that can be utilized in other biological activities in the body.

Tips of using ACE weight loss Pills

-The recommended prescription is 2 pills daily. You should not take more than 4 pills within 24 hours.

-You should allow the body to reset by skipping pill intake for a week or one day.

-You can adjust the timing of taking these pills depending on your body type.

-You should not use these pills with other medicines or vitamins.

-You should avoid foods with high sugars and sugary drinks.

-It is advisable to include lean meat like fish and chicken in your daily diet. You can add fruits and vegetables to maintain high energy levels and normal body weight.

-Drink plenty of water (6- 8 glasses daily). Water is a very crucial component in weight loss.

-To avoid altering your sleeping patterns, avoid taking your pill after 4PM.

-You should take 1 pill 2 hours before breakfast and the second pill early in the afternoon. This will help to control your appetite.

Common Side Effects Associated With ACE Diet Pills

-Abdominal irritations.

-High blood pressure.





-Feeling sleepy.

-Loss of appetite.

-Increased heart rate.

In summary, Ace diet pills are effective in weight loss. Unlike other diet supplements, they have unique capability of boosting energy and reducing appetite at the same time. This is the main reason they are mostly preferred by women. Proper timing in between doses and proper dieting are very crucial when using these diet pills.



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