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The Food industry in 2015: Health is the new trend


There is no doubt that the trend of last year’s notable is the meteoric rise of consumer awareness of healthy nutrition. Inhabitants of the globe are asking themselves based healthy living and balanced dietary nutrition, and health authorities in the United States, for example, summarize the year, indicating an increase of up to 15% of the consumption of energy drinks, whole-grain foods, and nutritional supplements and vitamins. In a survey of consumers, respondents were asked whether reducing the consumption of gourmet meals in restaurants, and 63% of respondents stated that the regular consumption of gourmet restaurants, but they stressed the importance of paid checks for the restaurant’s foundation products in the domestic market size. This figure indicates the reasons for the rise and popularity of farmers’ markets around the world and here in Israel, and in 2011 also gave birth to a new breed of chefs: chef “gardener” – the tower (part of) product, in the garden of his restaurant. The chef grew beans in the garden. The increasing awareness of healthy food and cooking delicious arms can be attributed to the media, and electronic media: According to the survey 53% of consumers expect the cooking shows on television, and the Internet adds a staggering statistic 1.5 billion users worldwide food sites around the net, in the course of 2011.

2015: creative healthy dishes, and a celebration of the combination of flavors

In 2014 the health trend and rising up grade: All health advocates have stopped Lasn- enjoy enhanced reactivation of taste buds, and global cuisine architectural submit them this year rejected packets characterized by an emphasis on combinations of contrasting flavors intentionally. This year we will taste a variety of health and adventurous dishes like figs and celery sorbet, combinations of dates, goat cheese and chili, zucchini pizza with wasabi hummus, and a selection of alcoholic liquors based on herbs. Celebration that combines the flavors of ethnic cuisines of different themes, and this year the chefs’ attention is drawn to the world of Peruvian cuisine, variations on it drip gourmet restaurant menus around the world. Chefs mark 2012 as the year of the Hungarian cuisine also inspiration, and Korean.
Eat shift: bring food from home, and eat on the way

The global economy challenged by the rise in prices extremes fall the euro area, in particular increases in the prices of petrol and diesel, has a direct effect on our plate: parsimony consumer at the end of 2011 is reflected in bringing food prepared at home to work and study: the statistics of the Association of American restaurants, 72% of the population tend to prepared meals at work, compared to 55% in 2010, an increase of 20 percent amazing. This increase explains the rise in demand and packaging solutions, storage vessels carrying food ready. And while eat-so be it moving: Even the catering industry adapts to the dynamism of the 21st century, and a major boost getting fast food, with the trend most gained momentum in Europe and the United States are restaurants on wheels, reminiscent of the “ice cream truck” Israeli truck it stand for sale fast foods and pop place, the camp outside the offices and buildings, offering passers-by a variety of menus originals. trend Dina on wheels “- has expanded to the point that, in the UK alone are operated today about 10,000 restaurants” truck food “- offering gourmet food in take away: Indian , Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, seafood, and even restaurants on wheels that specialize prisoners schnitzel. in 2012 the trend is expected to strengthen, and someone to pick up the gauntlet and drive restaurants on wheels also us to Israel – we can only envy the inhabitants of Europe and the United States dare restaurants on wheels that will expand the menu their own, and the combination of foods Brieim- with the need to eat as-mobility will in 2012 host creative suggestions for eating the way: this will be the year’s hot meatballs, balls risotto, croquettes and chicken breast on a stick, all Tibulim and combinations of sauces surprising, single package convenience president innovative design original cost.



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