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How to prevent hair loss naturally ?

hair loss

Both men and women suffer from hair loss for many reasons. There are two perceptions, One claims that men psychological suffering is greater, compared to those that emphasize the unimaginable emotional suffering of women.

The truth is both are suffering serious problem, because hair loss is unpleasant process heralding the aging, hormonal changes, revealing weaknesses in the body and health is not right, or simply reflect genetic misfortune.

Both of these are looking for a solution, and natural solutions abound regardless of sex and age.

The alternative treatment is usually aromatherapy, essential oils including natural health networks can be obtained, or that you can prepare them privately or to purchase alternative healers.

Another alternative treatment suggestions include taking vitamins and dietary supplements, depending on the weakness of my hairloss tells about her body, taking herbs and massages the scalp.

Please remember that nature is losing fixed amount of hair, and hair loss normally ranges from 50 to 100 hairs a day. Read – the life cycle hypothesis.

Hair loss factors exceed the norm specified modes include distress, such as anxiety and weakness after surgery, or during illness or pregnancy. They include poor nutrition, and also in which the protein or iron deficiency hair follicles.

Medications, hormonal imbalances, severe diet, psychological stress, fungal infections of the scalp (scalp such as seborrhea), extreme temperatures – all these can cause massive hair loss.
Animal, vegetable, never-falling
Globalization heralds the accessibility to all, and knowledge of plants that benefit from distant countries, such as China
And the United States. China, para-medical methods recommend the consumption of Ginkgo tree leaf extract, its virtues are known to treat many illnesses, dementia to atherosclerosis. Ginkgo can be used by an infusion of tea leaves, mixed with rosemary and poplar prickly, it is recommended to drink it three times a day.

From the US emerged a natural solution РSaw palmetto, users including the fruit, fresh or dried, and is considered as a shock some of the effects of testosterone on the process of male pattern baldness. It should be remembered that the Saw Palmetto is not recommended for the chronically ill or pregnant women, and it is better to take it during the meal to avoid side effects. As part of the menu, also the consumption of blue-green algae strengthens the hair.

Featured Direct Hair care essences or complete plants the following: Nettle, which as Poe is considered the most effective anti-dropout and is available in health food stores, rosemary, is also recommended shampoo configuration and can obtain essential oil, you should consume the herb was bought in nurseries.

Specified components are also recommended for the treatment of dropouts: myrtle, lemon geranium, linen, candle-night oil, citron and Daphne. for further reading…
Thanks to nature

Vitamins are abundant in foods that are accessible, but processing and cooking because some are lost in preparation, and ironically we are forced to consume them artificially. So whether we enjoy eating fruits, vegetables and nuts are processed, and whether we maddening part of dietary supplements, two options accessible to the same extent.

Considered the most effective vitamins to treat hair loss are the B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C and H. Natural sources of vitamin E are corn oil, sunflower and soya, nuts, seeds, wheat germ, asparagus, olives, spinach and green leafy vegetables.

Natural sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, strawberries, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, radish, guava, lemon, mango, avocado and many more. Supplement vitamin B complex and most recommended states of depression, memory problems and even mental and emotional functioning, also includes folic acid, inositol, vitamin H, methionine and choline.
And yet the kitchen? Recommended enrich the menu whole grains, green leafy vegetables, yellow fruits, nuts, almonds and dates, green tea and more.

It is strongly recommended to avoid sugar, coffee, fried and fatty foods as well as possible from animal products (chicken, beef, milk, etc.). All these weaken the body and contribute to the weakening of the hair and excessive hair loss.