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How to get a bigger penis

how to get a bigger penis

Enlarging the size of a penis is usually referred to as penis enhancement.This is usually aimed towards increasing the girth and the length of the penis.Usually,this is done due to the societal assertions that a larger penis usually implies sexual prowess and leads to sexual satisfaction for the males partner.
There are surgical means and non-surgical means of attaining a bigger penis.Scientific research has been done around this topic,and there does not seem to be proof that any non -surgical procedure can lead to penis enlargement.

Penis surgery can be done to increase the penis girth or to increase the penis length.Increasing the girth is done by injecting fat from other parts to the penis,which increases it by at least two centimetres.However the fat may overtime be absorbed by the body resulting to the penis falling back to its initial size.Penis length can be increased surgically by cutting some skin on the penis and adding it at the base of the penis.A liposuction can also be preformed on men with big bellies to make the penis more visible and seem larger.Many men do not go for surgeries due to the complications that might occur with the procedure which include scarring,disfigurement and even infections.

The internet offers a variety of non -surgical methods for penis enhancements .Penis enhancement pills,ointments and patches that claim to enhance the size of a penis. The manufacturers of these products claim that these products usually contains vitamins,herbs and hormones that lead to penis enlargement.However a study that has been done by the university of Maryland USA found out that the contents in these products are mainly pesticide,faeces E-coli bacteria,as well as traces of lead.Most of these products,have deemed ineffective though.
There are claims that a penis can be increased naturally by doing various exercise.These exercises include ;doing kegel exercises which is mostly aimed to increasing the girth of a penis.Stretching the penis using one’s hand is another exercise,which is aimed toward increasing the length of a penis.A man can also twirl his penis around,jelqing,which is similar to when a person is milking a cow.

Other physical therapy techniques that can be done in attempt to increase the penis size include;Use of a man’s pump.It tens to create a vacuum,as the pressure in the blood vessels of the penis increase.A man’s pump has not proven effective in increasing the size of a penis an can be dangerous as they can leas to the bursting of blood vessels.Clamping is a technique whereby a device such as a shoe string is tied on a penis to restrict blood flow out of the organ.The man then engages in masturbation.This procedure can cause permanent damage to the penis especially where a cock ring is used.It can even lead to amputation of the penis.Weights,also known as traction devices, can also be placed on a flaccid penis,a technique referred to as penile extending.This is aimed towards stretching a penis.There has been evidence that this procedure has yielded positive results for men with penises of smaller sizes when they use the technique for a period of six months or more.