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How does Chinese medicine deal with hair loss


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Chinese medicine deals perfectly with hair loss, which is often is a symptom of a problem that can occur later or related hair loss as headache, impotence in men, back pain, knees, memory problems, hearing loss, brittle nails, hormonal imbalances in women or menopause while the decline in estrogen and progesterone, lack of vitamins and mineral such as … complex between vitamin A, B12, zinc, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, vitamin D, vitamin E, as well as diabetes, anemia , polycystic ovaries, thyroid imbalances.
Often there is hair loss three months after birth which was massive blood loss and the body of essential material, even a low protein diet or lack of protein can trigger hair loss and baldness Impostor factors can be a cause of hair loss
Daily stress weakens the body’s organs such as spleen, stomach, spleen weakness over time will cause a deficiency of the blood in the body and cause liver blood deficiency also nourishes hair and Malachi the head.

Head hair tied by Chinese medicine energy of the kidneys, as hair heads in long flowing This indicates that the essence and energy of the kidneys strong, when thinning hair, brittle, thin or baldness, lack of Barack hair will testify that deficiency of blood in the liver, without wine, kidney, and is missing a fleet of spleen .
Acupuncture treatment combined with herbs and supplements can accelerate adjusted regeneration of hair growth within 3-4 months and even cause hair to gray hair bleaching event, and of course the root canal in the internal organs.
Of course it is very important to make a precise diagnosis of the patient including questioning, pulse, tongue, blood tests, etc., prior to treatment, it is important to note the ending of discrimination in Chinese medicine has no side effects. It is important to combine diet and blood building and strengthening fleet fleet spleen stomach – beets, blueberries, organic liver, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and carrots, lentils, pomegranate

Recommended diet to prevent hair loss in women:

The most important nutritional quality of normal growth of hair. The protein found in various types of bulk meat, eggs, milk, cheese, soy beans and legumes, which is essential for keratin hair staple.

Also a combination of hair loss formula consisting of Chinese herbs, for example the number of plants:


Modern herbal medicine Chinese knotweed plant is considered a moderate intensity activity, a designation as an aging treatments (anti-aging).


Slow drying of the fruit goes to make it worthy of culinary and medicinal purposes. Perry centuries in traditional medicine reputation for life extension and anti-aging, improve vision, as preventing infections and many other uses. Modern herbal medicine is considered a powerful wolfberry fruit and moderate activity without toxicity to plants suitable for prolonged use.

In conclusion, treatment of hair loss acupuncture and herbal medicine is very effective in most cases will be renewed hair growth, one of the positive effects of the treatment will be sharpening memory, concentration improves, reducing headaches and rejuvenation, we return to the body “on the road” in treating hair loss regeneration physically energetic and mental.



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