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How to Choose the best work boots ?


Our feet carry all the weight of our bodies. As we get older and our body weight rises, the feet become more and more significant and require greater attention to the health of the foot, especially if the person is forced to stand for many hours or walk from place to place. Hence the importance of choosing quality, comfortable and safe shoes that will fit the worker, protect his leg and maintain a balanced and healthy foot.

Rules for choosing quality shoes for work

As stated above, work shoes are designed to maintain the health and safety of the worker, and hence they must undergo all the necessary tests and meet the necessary standards that will ensure their durability shoes, quality and peace of workers. Before you decide to buy work shoes, you should follow some important rules that will keep you healthy:

• Strong and balanced foot grip – The rear of the shoes should be of a suitable size (not too wide or too narrow) to provide a strong grip, balance, stability and prevent pain.

• Shoes that fit the shape of the leg – Check that the shoes do not change the shape of the leg, not too narrow or too wide and allow freedom of movement to the toes to prevent pain and fatigue in the foot.

• Height of heels – Do not wear shoes that are completely flat, but keep the heel not to exceed 5 cm.

• Support for the arch of the foot – it is important to choose shoes that will support the foot arch and balance the back stability.

• Shock absorbers – When necessary, be sure to use shock absorbers.

• Compatibility with the nature of the work – Choose shoes suitable for your work environment. It is important to keep shoes that prevent slipping, and to protect the foot from various objects and possible dangers.

If you need safety shoes, make sure to select them according to the device.

• Personal comfort – be sure to try the shoes before using and check their comfort in person.

• Mirror – When selecting work shoes it is important to choose comfortable shoes but also those that will broadcast a mirror suitable for branding the business.


Adapting work shoes according to the nature of the work is especially important for the safety and health of the employees, as well as the reputation of the business. Today, the market offers a wide range of work shoes in different styles and at varying quality levels that are reflected in the price. A good quality work shoe is one that meets the test of reality and time, allows convenient and safe working conditions, serves the employee and enables him to work with higher productivity.

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